Monday, February 26, 2007

swim meet!

Yesterday I went to a swim meet,
I was going to swim in three events 53,(100 breaststroke.)59(50 back.)and 67(50free.)
Me and my mama got there to late for the hundred breast,but in free and back I got ribbons!!!!!!!!!!!!
They where both seventh place.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


This gray ball of fuzz is so cute!
I went to my friend's house for a sleep over there was a puppy there and my instincts told me one thing.................PET PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thats what I did, then I was puppyified!


1. lie on your back.

2. get your friend to put puppy on your belly.

3.let puppy crawl all over you,lick you and nibble your toes!!!!!!!!

if puppy bites toes to hard lift leg up into the air puppy will be lifted up into the air for a awhile
then fall.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Nature studies-forest fire!!!!!!!

At nature studies a few days ago we hiked to a place where there had been a forest fire,
on the way there we collected edible plants.(such as huckleberry, redwood sorrel and dug fir.)
When we got to the forest fire had been some of the people in the plants group smeared charcoal over there faces-it looked just like black face paint!

At the end of the day we put the plants in a thermos of boiling water to make tea yum!!!!!!!!!